Any electronic equipment incorporating microprocessor and IC's are highly sensitive to input voltage fluctuation, surges and sags, spikes and notches and other transient. It may damage to expensive equipment, or risk to total failure.
Volcor CVTs are effective solution to the power related problems, under specific loading conditions for specific application. It regulates voltage on leakage and saturated magnetic principle. The bucking and boosting of voltage is carried out by leakage reactance and capacitive action respectively. It separate winding provide high isolation. Volcor CVTs are advisable to run atleast 20-25% constant loading condition. These units are not suitable for heavy initial load like motor or compressor.

  • Provide high voltage correction rate against wide range of input voltage
  • Isolate output from mains
  • Protects against short circuits
  • Eliminates spikes and notches, surges and sags and other transients.
  • No moving component hence no maintenance

Technical Specification

Input 170 V to 280V Single Phase 50 Hz AC
Output 220V/230V ± 1% to 2%
Frequency 50 Hz
Rate of Voltage Correction > 100 Volts/Sec
Capacity 150 VA onwards
Efficiency 90% (Approximately) at full load